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The restaurant «GyRlyanda» is a unique opportunity to find a favorite steak from 11 types of classical and alternative cuts, that are made entirely of a local, prime quality meat.

The interior decoration of the restaurant «GyRlyanda Steak Shop & Show» reminds of a cosy cellar. Low vaulted ceilings, bald bricklaying of walls, wood floors and soft lightning .Here is definitely homelike and quiet atmosphere. Small tables made of a dark wood are surrounded by vintage armchairs, upholstered in a green velvet. Kraft place mats wonderfully complements the atmosphere as well as a tame bird, settled in a big cage.

The restaurant’s menu composed of dishes which are made of local origin products. The focus is on classical and alternative beef steaks, which there are 11 species, but one can find another dishes in menu. Guests of the restaurant «GyRlynda Steak Shop & Show» choose a raw steak from a showcase and the way of cooking by themselves. To complement nourishing dishes one can with drinks from the bar list, there are many.

Restaurant customers can watch the cooking process of their dish from start to finish. The meat cooks in a Spanish Josper oven, using a good quality charcoal, which is placed in the restaurant’s hall. Such transparency and showiness cannot but impact on trust of customers in the restaurant «GyRlyanda Steak Shop & Show» and it help to capture patrons.

To look on here one can in any company – friends, relatives and a loved one will be certainly charmed with original atmosphere of this place, filled with cosiness and comfort.

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